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Travel & Accomodation

Bus Transfer

Our friends from Festival Transfer organize bus trips from various cities in The Netherlands and Belgium directly to Draaimolen Festival and back. You can stay until the very end of the festival without one single care in the world, Festival Transfer will bring you home when the festival is over! For all information and tickets check the link below!

Transfer Tickets


There will be a shuttle service going directly from Tilburg Station to Draaimolen Festival. The busses will depart from 'Burgemeester Brokxlaan', on the North-side of the train station. For all information and tickets check the link below!

Shuttle bus tickets


We will be opening a Draaimolen Festival campsite again this year in collaboration with Stadscamping Tilburg. The campsite will be in the same location as last years’, close to the city centre and train station. You can stay at the campsite from Friday, September 11th until Sunday, September 13th.


With a camping ticket, you get access to the campsite and you can bring your own tent. If you don't feel like dragging your own tent along, you can opt for a Festipi! This 2-person tent is ready for you upon arrival at the campsite. Of course, you can bring your own sleeping gear, but you can also opt for a tent including sleeping mats, pillows and sleeping bags. When purchasing a Festipi ticket, a camping ticket is already included.

In case you prefer a little more comfort it is possible to bring your own camper or caravan. You only need to buy one caravan/camper ticket per vehicle and camping ticket for every person who is staying at the campsite.

Regular Camping ticket:
Campingticket 1 night: Sat - Sun € 17,50
Campingticket 2 nights: Fri - Sun € 30,00
Camper/caravan ticket:
1 night: Sat - Sun €7,50
2 nights: Fri - Sun €15,00
Festipi 1 night: Sat - Sun (2p)* €94,00
Festipi 2 nights: Fri - Sun (2p)* €123,00
Festipi 1 night: Sat - Sun (2p) incl. sleeping gear** €154,00
Festipi 2 nights: Fri - Sun (2p) incl. sleeping gear** €183,00

*2 Camping tickets included.
** 2 camping tickets, 2 sleeping mats, 2 pillows and 2 sleeping bags are included.

Camping Tickets

The address of Stadscamping Tilburg is:
Spoorpark 2
5038LS, Tilburg.

The campsite is a few minutes’ walk from Tilburg Station and the city centre. The festival site is 15 minutes by bike or 10 minutes by car.

There is limited parking space directly next to the campsite. If there are no spots left we advise you to park your car in parking garage ‘De Knegtel’. The address of this parking is Gasthuisring 60, Tilburg.

Shuttle buses will depart from the Tilburg train station to the festival site. This train station is only a few minutes’ walk from the campsite. You can find all info and tickets here

It is also possible to rent a bike at the Tilburg train station.

It is possible to stay at the camping from Friday, Sept. 11th until Sunday, Sept. 13th or from Saturday, Sept. 12th until Sunday, Sept. 13th. The camping is open 24/7 from Friday 2 PM until Sunday 1 PM.

If you want to arrive later at night or stay at the campsite longer, please inform the Stadscamping beforehand. at:
t: +31 6 30 58 28 89

A Festipi is a two-person rental tent that is already set up when you arrive at the campsite. You must bring our own sleeping gear but you can also opt to rent a Festipi including sleeping mats, pillows and sleeping bags.

2 camping tickets are already included when you purchase a Festipi ticket.

There are enough toilets and showers.

  • There will be food trucks serving breakfast and coffee.
  • There is a small bar at the campsite with local craft beers.
  • You can rent a locker at the campsite (€10,- for the whole weekend + €10,- deposit).
  • There is a large supermarket near the campsite called Albert Heijn XL. The address is: Jan Heijnsstraat 10, Tilburg.
  • Please note: there is no electricity available in your tent. So make sure to bring a fully charged power bank.

No, a camping ticket only gives you access to the campsite. To enter Draaimolen Festival 2020 you need to purchase a festival ticket here

If you have any other questions which have not been answered yet, please send us an e-mail at